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The Gouveia family {on location}

1 Jan

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I photographed Zita about a year ago.. earlier this year she booked a session with me to photograph her family, I was Super excited to meet them all! Such a beautiful, awesome family!! MB


Friendship shoot {on location}

31 Oct

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Had a blast photographing these girls… Great FUN! Enjoy the sneak preview… MB

Nomzano & friends – {on location}

2 Aug

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These girls joined me over the weekend for a fun friendship session… I photographed Nomzano & her family a while ago so needless to say… I was very excited to meet her friends. Really enjoyed working with them…!! Such fun girls! MB

The Richter family {in Studio}

18 Feb

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Meet Conrad, Donene & their beautiful 2 girls. I had a blast photographing this bunch! Enjoy the sneak preview. MB

The Tuzza family {on location}

3 Feb

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Meet Jeffrey, Leandi & their two beautiful twin boys! Lovely family.. MB

Meet the Marx family {in Studio}

2 Jan

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Meet the Marx family… always such a joy to work with them. Beautiful family! Enjoy the sneak preview. MB


28 Nov

As we approach December all of us start to think how amazingly fast another year has gone by…. 2012 was a good year for me in many ways! I met so many beautiful people and saw alot of new places! What a blessing. Then there was all the familiar faces…. The best compliment any Photographer can ever have is a new booking from an “old” client! Even more special is to see the kiddies grow up, year after year. THIS is my passion, people & Photography… 

2012 also had some sad moments.. a few very special people passed away, some from illness, others by accident, one as hard to understand as the other! But then again, we will never understand why God does what and when He does, but we have to let go and accept…. move on as we do know one thing for certain… He does not make mistakes!

We all have to let go of the past, learn from it and LIVE life to the fullest. Make the most of every second.. live, laugh, love!

Huge thank you to each and everyone who supported me throughout this year, so many people grew near and dear to me, each one special and unique in their own wonderful way!

To my husband and beautiful son… I love you guys SO much! Thx for always being there for me, all the support and endless love…. even throughout many long late nights of editing and alot of hours away from home… just the thought of you guys kept me going! You will always be my biggest inspiration in life!

Lastly,  but not least..  my Heavenly Father whom without I would have never gone this far! Thank you Lord for blessing me in so many ways… I am nothing without you!

May you all have a blessed and safe festive season!

Hope to see all of you in 2013… a year of big plans and dreams for me….

Much love xxx

Vrouekeur Artikel

1 Aug

Sou jy graag Fotografie as loopbaan wou kies? Gaan loer gerus na my artikel op bl 22 in die nuutste uitgawe van die Vroukeur. Ons bespreek alles rondom fotografie! Opregte dank aan Lindi Herbst vir hierdie ongelooflike groot geleentheid.

Hierdie is my ware passie, ‘n PASSIE en liefde vir mense en fotografie!


Anneri & friends….

26 Mar

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Meet Anneri, Leanie, Liani & Jolandi……. all qualified occupational therapists in Pretoria (Gauteng).
They joined me for a FUN friendship shoot over the weekend and we had a blast!! Really enjoyed the session. Enjoy the sneak preview!

Adri’s glamour session

25 Feb

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